This may or may not be a Sii in its natural state.

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The Sii Wiki is a repository of knowledge about the Sii Guild on 3K MUD.


Sii: noun. (Ka'lese) a last, foolish, desperate hope.

The Chai’din was a faction of the Ka'lee, a psionic, symbiotic, alien race, that sought to renounce the Great War, the ongoing internecine strife amongst the various factions of the Ka'lee. Led by Jain and comprising former members of many different factions sharing the same burning ideal of peace, they were ostracised and hunted by the other warmongering factions. At a critical moment, Jain created an inter-dimensional wormhole that landed the Chai'din’s Traak, an organic spaceship, in the town of Pinnacle. The Ka'lee that pursued through the wormhole were repelled with the help of the denizens in a bloody and hard-fought battle. Here, the members of the Chai'din have found a new home and friends, and a ready pool of eager adventurers to take up their cause. The Chai'din was re-named the Sii, and, recruiting from the population that shelters it and gathering its strength, prepares to make a final bid to end the Great War.

If you are not a member of the Sii, these pages may shed some light on what may seem to be a mystifying guild. If you are, this compendium, put together by other members, is now your bible and holy grail.

Latest changesEdit

19 Dec 2013: A major tanking upgrade has occurred! All forms now have more options for regeneration, regeneration is now cheaper for defensive forms, and all forms other than offensive forms received a major damage reduction upgrade. (See all changes.)
12 Jun 2012: Damage Recalibration! Sii base damage has been significantly upgraded, especially past guild level 6. In addition, the "assault" power has been changed to output even more damage -- you are much more likely to use this power than you were before. Enjoy! (It should be noted, this is the same change as was made on 3s. It is just copied over to 3k) (See all changes.)


Guild Mechanics Guild Thematics
Sii Help Files  : The Sii help files reproduced in full.
Powers  : The full list of commands available.
Forms  : The full list of forms with details.
Broodlings  : Information on broodlings.
Stat Tests  : Discussion on the possible effects of stats.
Receptive Neurons  : Information on receptivity of neurons.
Sii Glossary  : A glossary of Sii terminlogy.
Ranks  : Lists the ranks of various aspects of the guild.
Map of the Traak  : The layout of the Sii’s organic spaceship.
Guild NPCs  : Information on the NPCs that populate the guild.
Mud Miscellaneous
Areas  : Information on areas.
Equipment  : Information on equipment.
Articles  : Player-written articles spanning a diverse range of topics. (Beginners Guide within)

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