The Great Ocean is a pervasive psionic field that runs through all matter and energy in all known dimensions of existence. Those with the proper training can theoretically manipulate this field to virtually any desired result.
Sii Glossary

For a guild of psionists like us, is it any wonder that our greatest power lies in the realm of the mind? By drawing upon, bending and manipulating the Great Ocean, we can affect the physical world in a myriad of ways. There are tricks and techniques for doing so that have been handed down for generations and we have been justly proud of them, for they raise us above the other alien species we come into contact with. And yet, the journey is far from over, for as our understanding of the Great Ocean grows, we gain new insights into how it might be wielded. What great heights might we ascend to when all secrets are revealed?

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Base powersEdit

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CL 1
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Form powersEdit

Merging with forms also grants us access to any special abilities that some of them have.

Common form powersEdit

These are form powers that are shared by a number of forms.

bite Misuyah, Ssthorak, Dzai'la, Lupinos, Aeo-aeu, Bieresat, Harseth, Uar'doi, Va'spi
charge Endrara, Phaethon, Yi'kavit'sa, Blahk, Charoi, Nyquilar, Qiile, Osiix
claw Myrtle, Ardun, Leika, Siierek, Gevara, Xiqqak, Klaar, Gorgolyte, Poalch'ix, Truzark
kick Human, Dwarf, Orc, Conomos, Poalch'ux, Essona, Nola'vai, Solaro, Imo
stomp Aernid, Too'rak

Unique form powersEdit

These are form powers that are particular to a specific form.

accumulate Iilno
blend Nola'vai
blind Obi'tate
consume Flarrek-dur
empower Solaro
energize T'siizara
entrap Glossamer
mistwalk Staviolus
pulse Solaro
spin Salandar
spit Lupinos
spit acid Iilno
trample Too'rak
withdraw Blahk
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